• In order to meet the special requirements for the use on bridges, Pioonier offers the especially developed bridge sleepers.
  • Due to their low weight, the plastic sleepers are particularly suitable as bridge sleepers. Additional reinforcement ensures excellent statics.
  • Because of the high durability of the material, the particularly strong temperature fluctuations caused by free installation on bridges do not pose a problem.
  • Due to the tuned vibration behaviour, Pioonier bridge sleepers are significantly quieter than comparable products and therefore also delight residents living near the bridges.
  • The height, width and length can be adjusted according to the respective specifications.
Bridge Sleepers
Bridge Sleepers
Bridge Sleepers

This is why Pioonier Bridge Sleepers are best in class

  • Low Weight

  • Reinforcement

  • Customer specific height, width and length

  • Noice reduction

  • High Durability

Bridge Sleeper Mount
Bridge Sleeper Side View